The Seven Demons of Randal Murray

My short story “The Seven Demons of Randal Murray” appears in the new anthology You’re Dead and I Killed You (Brown Paper Publishing). Take a look at the free PDF in the BPP catalogue. A lot of other good stuff in this anthology as well. Hard copies soon available through Amazon.


2 thoughts on “The Seven Demons of Randal Murray

  1. Greg, I wanted to tell you that I just finished “The Seven Demons of Randal Murray” and loved it, big time. I provided a review of the anthology to Pablo, the editor, and also posted it on my blog today. In case you never hear / see it, here is what I had to say about your story.

    “Still reeling from the previous story, I continued on with Gregory Frye’s “The Seven Demons of Randal Murray”, which I would have to choose as the best of the lot. This one is very dark and has a supernatural element to it, which when combined with the excellent dialogue and tremendous imagery freaked me out and I’m still thinking about it.”


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