(Oct 2013)  A detailed piece on the sex trafficking situation in Greece. –VICE Magazine

(June 2013) My feature article on Germany’s WWII debt to Greece. –VICE Magazine

(Mar 2011) My interview with debut novelist Brandon Tietz who also happens to be from Kansas City even though we didn’t meet each other until after I’d moved to Greece. Click here to read. –3:AM Magazine

(Dec 2010) Novelist Stephen Graham Jones and I engage in the craziest interview I’ve ever been a part of. –3:AM Magazine

(Nov 2010) Nik Korpon talks to me about his apocalyptic pop culture drenched debut novel Stay God. –3:AM Magazine

(Sept 2010) Debut novelist Richard Thomas and I discuss his first book, MFAs, the creative process … good stuff. –3:AM Magazine

(July 2010) I talk to deadly writer Craig Clevenger after his return from Bolivia (Craig’s first English interview in five years). — 3:AM Magazine

(April 2010) Mike Carey: comic book writer (X-Men, Lucifer, The Unwritten), novelist, and writing addict, talks about the fine lines between fiction and reality. Click here to read the article. –3:AM Magazine


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