Muses are the Life Blood

Videography Updates:

Pablo D’Stair published an interesting review of my recent experimental documentary of Zoltan Galos’s Muses exhibition in July 2012. The piece is fair, combative, introspective, reflective — worth reading. I plan to soon expand the Galos documentary beyond the scope of the exhibition but have chosen to leave this 18-minute cut online for now. I hope my video work inspires more people to write. Essays, reviews, poetry, letters, death threats — please send anything my way.

I’ve also made another video to celebrate Thurston Moore’s new band Chelsea Light Moving. The song “Groovy and Linda” is about a couple of Tomkins Square hippies murdered while working at Ed Sanderson’s bookstore. The video is made entirely of public domain footage,  a lot of it from the flower power era. The footage toward the end is taken from a 1960s anti drug propaganda film, and I switched the scenes where originally after dancing at a house party, a group of people pressure the film’s protagonist into trying marijuana for the first time. This leads to other drugs and the guy presumably becomes an evil dope fiend (I don’t know I only saw the first half). But in the music video, after trying marijuana, instead of becoming dope fiends, everybody dances and has a good time and the protagonist falls in love.

I also made a video for score music that originally appeared in the experimental Muses documentary, a nine minute song called “Apollo Lift Me into the Light, Even.”  I could say a lot of different things about this video, might even write an essay on it one day, but for now I’ll let viewers form their own impressions. Most of this video was shot in HD, so I strongly recommend viewing it in HD on youtube (to toggle viewing quality, click the cog wheel button on the right bottom corner of the video).